Pet Mugshot - Custom Canvas
Pet Mugshot - Custom Canvas
Pet Mugshot - Custom Canvas
Pet Mugshot - Custom Canvas
Pet Mugshot - Custom Canvas
Pet Mugshot - Custom Canvas

Pet Mugshot - Custom Canvas

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Completely Original Pet Art, Featuring Your Pet!

Let our professional artists capture your pet’s unique personality with a fun and hilarious mugshot of your furriest family member.

Each mugshot is 100% unique and is custom made to order with care and attention by the Guilty Paws team. A Guilty Paws custom pet mugshot is the perfect way to show off your fur baby!

All Guilty Paws pet mugshots use premium never-fading ink and are printed on gallery quality canvas stretched around a sturdy wood frame. Each canvas comes with hangers already attached so your artwork arrives ready to be hung and admired.

Order today and receive an incredible one of a kind canvas you'll be proud to hang in your home.

How it Works

Ordering is simple:

  • Upload your pet’s photo (see photo guidelines below)
  • Easily customize your mugshot using the options above
  • Place your order
  • Our artists do the rest

Photo Guidelines

Don’t worry you don’t have to be a professional photographer, we just need a decent quality picture of your furry loved one. Our artists will crop the background out of your photo and use just your pet for the mugshot.

Here are a few simple tips to get the best results:

  • Take your photo at eye level with your pet
  • Seated positions for the pet are best with the entire body (or at least upper body) in frame
  • Make sure your pet is looking at the camera
  • Avoid blurry photos or poor lighting, outdoor natural light is typically best but indoor photos work as well
  • Photos don’t need to be taken against a plain background, our artists are good at cropping pets out of most images

About the Canvas

  • Artwork is printed using premium quality UV-protected ink to prevent fading
  • Our gallery quality canvas is stretched over a sturdy wood frame sourced from sustainable forests
  • Arrives ready-to-hang with pre-installed metal hooks.