Pet Hair Grooming Vacuum System
Pet Hair Grooming Vacuum System
Pet Hair Grooming Vacuum System
Pet Hair Grooming Vacuum System
Pet Hair Grooming Vacuum System

Pet Hair Grooming Vacuum System

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 Do you have pet hair all over the floor and all over the house? Do you find that all your clothes are covered in pet hair? Does your dog run way when you bring out the grooming brush?  If so that product will be the answer you have been looking for.


" I have a German Shepherd. GSD's have two coats of fur. It works phenomenal! And my dog absolutely loves it. The fan made very little noise (no I'm not deaf). The brush collects the hair as said and then you simply turn on the vaccum and it totally collects the fur! This product is awesome and so helps take care of my GSD while saving a lot of time keeping my home clean. The product works. All fur gets collected in the canister and when that gets full you simply open the door and turn the vacuum on and it shoots the fur out for you in a trash can. Simple and easy, very handy."
— Guard.J

Being so portable, you can use it in your car to quickly vacuum up all the stray dog hairs from taking your dog for a ride will stop this is so handy for keeping your car clean and hair free.

Benefits for using this Grooming Vacuum System

  • Your pet will not run away when they see you holding the grooming brush as a all love the shed pal.
  • No more messy pet hairs all over the floor, the couch, your bed, the car and all over your clothes.
  • Easily grooming your pet anywhere with this very handy portable pet grooming device.
  • Simple, effective way of detangling your pets long hair.
  • By making it so easy to groom your pet, you will find over time that this decreases the amount of hair that your pet sheds all over the house, making less of the mess.
1. Color: Silver
2. Dimension: 19(L) x 11(W) x 6cm(H)/7.48 x 4.33  x 2.36inch
3. Material: ABS body + rubber head
4. Power supply: 3 x AA batteries ( not included)
Packing List:
1pc x Pet Hair Remover Brush
1pc x Introduction manual
2pc x Rubber