Custom Pets Socks!
Custom Pets Socks!
Custom Pets Socks!
Custom Pets Socks!

Custom Pets Socks!

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Product Description:

Fashionable, functional, and fun, our custom pet socks are one size fits all and made of only the most premium synthetic materials.

Every Quality Detail Matters

Printed with the highest quality production method, we manufacture the most comfortable and durable socks in the industry!
This truly is a perfect gift!

1.) Soft Polyester

All socks have a unique Poly-cotton blend that makes our socks incredibly comfortable and durable.

2.) Double Padded Footbed

In order to keep the your feet protected, we crafted a double padded footbed on the bottom of the socks!

3.) Seamless Toe Stitching

This technology eliminates the uncomfortable bump that runs across the front of our competitor's socks.  It's essentially invisible and feels so much more comfortable.

3.) Styles

We provide four different styles of socks within four different colors! There are must have one you will love!!

white                       purple                     light blue                gray

3.) Size

Medium- Men's 7-11, Women's 9-11

Large- Men's 12-13, Women's 11+

How To Order:

  1. Upload pets photo(only one pet!);
  2. Choose the style;
  3. Choose the size;
  4. Choose the color;
  5. Click "Add to Cart";
  6. Enter shipping and billing information. Done!

Design period 3-5 working days

Manufacture period 5-10 working days

Shipping period 3-10 working days